Thursday, January 2, 2014


Confused by claims on packaged food ?Wondering how to tell the truly nutritious fare from the also rans ?The editors of Health, together with a team of top experts, developed a filter to help you do just that. The Health Must Eat List which debuts here and will continue in future issues not only gives you a stoppable collection of standouts, but also shows you how to read a label and make great choices in every grocery aisle. Here, find the best picks in four key categories plus what to whip up with these superstar selections.


Hungry to know Which Foods Pack A Punch and are healthy to eat?
HEALTH'S team of trusted experts scanned the food landscape to create the ultimate, up to the minute list of delicious, healthy and good for you food options That Really Deliver , Say goodbye to decoding daunting product ladles and say hello a healthier you !

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Don't Forget the Fun !

Upping the intensity is one way to boost the results of a personal exercise program, But there is still room for fun in the equation. I think people work out harder and more regularly if they enjoy it, I think , national group fitness director of Crunch Fitness, a New York based company. They lose sight of the work and concentrate on the fun parts.