Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Causes of Obesity and Weight Gain

You already know that obesity is a condition with physiological, metabolic,genetic, and social components.Because the causes are many and varied, obesity is difficult to treat and many require the guidance of a variety of professionals.About 30 percent of obese individuals also suffer from binge eating disorder.Binge eating disorder involves consuming excessively large amounts of food in a short period of time. However, individuals with binge eating disorder do not engage in any type of purging behavior.Obesity increases a client's risk of several health conditions such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea.We're going to talk more about eating disorders later in this lesson, but for now let's talk about why people put on weight.There are several reasons why people gain weight, and not all weight gain stems purely from eating too much.Certain endocrine and metabolic problems such as thyroid disorders and diabetes can contribute to weight gain.Therefore it is helpful to have a qualified physician rule out medical causes of weight gain prior to having a client Begin a fitness program.

Definitions of Physical Activity,Exercise, and Physical Fitness

Probably because many of us are used to the old recommendations,many health professionals and laypeople alike often use the terms physical fitness, physical activity, and exercise interchangeably, although their actual meanings are not the same.Perhaps you also substitute these terms for one another.However, notice that throughout this site we emphasize physical activity as opposed to exercise or physical fitness,in keeping with the new physical activity recommendations. We feel that the distinctions between these terms are critical, so let us clarify what each means before proceeding.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Heat of the Moment

When exercising outdoors or in a warm environment, clothing should be light weight, porous, and loose fitting.Light colors reflect sunlight best, helping to keep an exerciser cool.Wearing a light-colored hat to protect the face from the sun while also avoiding the absorption of excess heat through the head can be a big help.

Sunscreen should be used when exercising outdoors regardless of air temperature to prevent both sunburn and skin cancer.Waterproof garments should be avoided during exercise as these prevent the evaporation of sweat and can easily lead to overheating.

There's a Chill in the Air

When exercising in a cool climate, it is best to dress in layers that can be removed to control body temperature throughout a workout. The clothing layer closest to the exerciser's skin should pull away sweat and allow it to pass it through the fabric.Wool and polypropylene are two good materials for these purposes.Special jackets can be worn on windy days to provide protection from the wind and keep exercisers warm.Wearing a hat prevents heat loss from the head, while gloves or mittens protect against frostbite.

What Are Elliptical Trainers?

Elliptical Trainers have taken the fitness industry by storm in recent years thanks to the low-impact, weight-bearing aerobic workout they provide.These machines offer an efficient, high-intensity workout without endangering delicate or injury-prone joints.Elliptical trainers require the lower body to move in a way that combines cycling with stair climbing as the feet move in a special egg -shaped -elliptical -pattern without ever leaving the foot-pads.The upper body also can be incorporated, which makes the workout resemble a walking or running stride even more.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dual Relationships

As you build your career, it makes sense to look to your friends, family, neighbors, and others you know for clients. After all, you already know these people, and you have established a basic level of trust with them.However, working with people you already know can be problematic. At some point you might find it difficult to juggle the dual role A relationship that extends beyond the limits of the professional interaction is called a dual relationship. your client may be someone you go to basketball games with or someone with whom you wife owns a company.Your client might be the mother of your son's girlfriend. These are all examples of dual relationships.Some professionals say it's important to avoid dual relationships with clients.However, unless you live in a huge metropolitan area and can build your client base by working with people you otherwise never see, you are likely to have some dual relationships with your clients.So it's probably more realistic to learn how to manage them.To manage dual relationships,it's important to understand your boundaries.