Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Body For Life

I start by teaching my Clients that exercise is only part of getting in shape. You have to get there in your head before you can get there with your Body.

Other than water, Protein is the key point for Bodybuilding.

Other than water,protein is the stating point for the bodybuilding version of the food pyramid.In other words,cavemen had the ideal type of protein along with other dietary necessities.The challenge facing bodybuilders is to do the same with today's food choices (see"How to Eat like a Caveman Today") Bodybuilders have had it right all along. They know firsthand that when they take in more protein,they get stronger,bigger and leaner.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Motivation Article

Motivation & fat Loss:A Nutrition program for Summer fun!
By :Linston M.Hensley
It is time to get back in shape and time to get serious about getting
your body ready to wear those bathing suits this Summer! Use these
proven suggestions,Meal plans and Recipes to insure you have a sizzling
physique for this Summer!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Water intake

Drink plenty of water
Healthy muscle is comprised of more than 70 percent water.Water is also an essential transport mechanism for a vast array of nutrients like vitamins
and minerals and even carbohydrates. If serves an important role in all cellular activity .If your water intake is low,your ability to transport nutrients becomes compromised,and you'll lose strength and feel sluggish because of the buildup of ammonia, urea,uric acid and a whole host of other junk you don't want hanging around in your body.Also, if you happen to be someone who struggles with water retention,one of the best ways to get rid of that is to drink more water,not
less.Water retention is just another aspect of your body's survival mechanism.Drinking water can also help you control your appetite.If you find that the portions of food you're eating don't quite satisfy you, try drinking another cup of water with your meal.You'll find this helps alleviate that nagging feeling of not having eaten enough.

Don't eat for one hour after exercise

After an intense morning workout on an empty

stomach(ideal for optimal fat burning),your energy

stores are pretty much depleted,and your body will

be thirsting for food like a baby for its bottle . But

don't give in Hold off your urge to eat for one hour

following your workout.By waiting an hour before

eating, you're forcing your body to continue to rely

on fat for fuel.Think of it as a residual fat-burning

effect.Feeding yourself immediately after exercise

would be like putying in a full 40 hours at the office

but never collecting your paycheck.You've already

put in the hard work.Why not collect all the rewards?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cable rope Pushdowns

This basic exercise stresses your entire triceps muscle ,Particularly the outer and medial heads.
Starting Position:Attach a rope to a high-pulley machine.Grasp an end of the rope in each hand, bend you knees slightly and stand with your feet shoulder
width apart .Keep your forearms parallel with the floor.

The Exercise: Move your forearms down while straightening your arms.Keep your forearms close to your body, and flex your triceps intensely in the bottom position for a count of one.Let the weight slowly return to the starting position.

tilt your body
slightly forward for
balance and keep
your shoulders
back,but dont't lean
too far forward
while you do this exercise