Monday, October 19, 2009

Help is on the way

My dream has always been to help mothers regain their health and happiness.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Choose a good gym and go at non-rush time.

Choose a good gym is important.Choose a gym that is close to where you work,live or study .Choosing the time to go is even more important. For example, if you go to a gym at time rush hours then you will be waiting in line to use a machine or equipment.This doesn't save time Going at non-rush times lets you get all you need to get done fast so you don't waste time.

Plan and have a routine and get into it .
You have to have a good routine made ahead of time and you have to plan for things.If you just go about your day without a routine or plan then you will definitely get screwed over .Think about it , you would probably forget you had to workout if you didn't have a routine .It would save you more time than waste if you just had a good routine.

Getting into a schedule is important also .When you get into a schedule then you know what you have to do and your not likely to forget.You also know what you're doing so you wont waste time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spend at most one hour in a gym lifting and take shorter rests between sets.

Trust me I friend my legs one time training too much for 3 months and I couldn't train them for a long time, I mean like half a year.It was the worst training setback in my life . So yea basically try to stay under an hour because it saves time and prevents over training . Also if you train too long , your intensity goes down and you won't gain as much on the muscle being worked.I can almost bet 99% of people's lives are busy, so sometimes fitting in a weight lifting schedule and making all that food seems impossible .But there are things you can do to manage your time better.Don't worry it won't be IMPOSSIBLE to do UNLESS...

You are studying medicine in a university , you have a job that works you late into the night, you live in a house by yourself so your cook, mow the lawn and take care of all the maintenance yourself , the closest gym is five hundred miles away and the quickie mart is 100 miles away, you have a ten year old scooter and no car.

Maybe you're broke and have just one ten pound dumbbell and a bent in half bar with one five lb. plate. Or your friends make you go to the bar every Friday and you always get a hangover. Maybe you Have to visit and take care of your mom every weekend and yea , I think you got the picture.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Meal Replacements.

Sometimes, even after all your preparation, you just can't find the time for a whole meal.Or may be you just don't have the appetite for it - after all 6 meals a day can be quite filling! A simple and effective solution is to use meal replacement powers, drinks, or bars. These can easily be taken in coffee breaks or spare time and offer a great alternative to whole meals. While many varieties are available commercially many that want to avoid the highly processed nature of these products go about making their own.Homemade meal replacements also offer a great opportunity for you to control exactly what goes into them and what you get out of them.

A great idea for a meal replacement shake would be:
Peanut butter
Rolled oats
Chocolate protein powder

Time at the gym.

It is usually recommended to spend no more than 1 hour at the gym.Physiologically the first hour is the most optimum for muscle gain and mentally more than one hour can de plain boring for some this applies to most people unless they are advanced athletes with reason to spend more time in the gym.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Smart way to set Goals!

The Smart Goal setting principies will help you reduce your chances of setting goals that you wouldn't de adle to obtain even if you had some sort of superhuman powers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Whole Foods Are Not So "Whole" Anymore

Howdy Again,

According to recent studies our fruits and vegetables are losing nutrient value at an alarming rate.One study has shown a noticeable decline (ranging from 6% to 38%) in 13 essential nutrients including protein,calcium,phosphorus,iron ,riboflavin and vitamin C over the last 50 no way does that mean we should stop eating fruits and vegetables--what it says is that a healthy diet may not be what you believe it to be. And as you know from the Chapter 10 of Strength for Life, when your body is deprived of essential nutrients you will be compelled to eat more. And for most this eating more arises as craving for things that are less than healthy.