Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Heat of the Moment

When exercising outdoors or in a warm environment, clothing should be light weight, porous, and loose fitting.Light colors reflect sunlight best, helping to keep an exerciser cool.Wearing a light-colored hat to protect the face from the sun while also avoiding the absorption of excess heat through the head can be a big help.

Sunscreen should be used when exercising outdoors regardless of air temperature to prevent both sunburn and skin cancer.Waterproof garments should be avoided during exercise as these prevent the evaporation of sweat and can easily lead to overheating.

There's a Chill in the Air

When exercising in a cool climate, it is best to dress in layers that can be removed to control body temperature throughout a workout. The clothing layer closest to the exerciser's skin should pull away sweat and allow it to pass it through the fabric.Wool and polypropylene are two good materials for these purposes.Special jackets can be worn on windy days to provide protection from the wind and keep exercisers warm.Wearing a hat prevents heat loss from the head, while gloves or mittens protect against frostbite.

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