Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Are Goals Important?

When a person set a goal for himself, he acknowledges his desire to make a change in his life .When it come to personal fitness, goals provide a long term vision while serving as motivators on a day to day basis .This is why a personal fitness trainer and client work as a team toward the client's fitness goals.It is not the job of a personal fitness trainer to set expectations for the client.The client must take responsibility for setting his or her own goals,using the personal fitness trainer only as a guide.Ideally ,client and trainer work together to set initial fitness goals and update these on a regular basis as the client progresses through the fitness program.Goal setting improves the quality of fitness training and the performance of the client. People who set goals in the gym tend to achieve more and feel a greater sense of satisfaction with their workouts .Furthermore,accomplishing a goal leads to greater self confidence and a sense of pride,both of which increase motivation for exercising.

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