Monday, May 12, 2008

Dumbbell Rows

(starting position)Rest the right knee and hand on the bench ,as shown.Grasp a dumbbell with the left hand ,with the palm facing toward thr body.(The Exercise0 Maintaining neutral spinal curvatures and keeping the torso parallel to the floor, pull the dumbbell upward in a straight line keeping the elbow close to the torso throughout.At the top of movement, the left hand should be adjacent to the left ASIS (hip bone).Slowy lower back to the starting position, and repeat for thr desired number of repetitions do the same on the other side .As with all back exercises,the exercise should start with fully protracted scapulae,and finish with fully retracted scapulae.(Tip) Think of your spine as a hinge when towing on the right side , for example,stabilize the left side of your torso, and pull the right scapula towerd the left at the top of the movement.

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