Monday, May 12, 2008

UP Front By Linston Hensley

Dear Friend,
You're either living or you're dying.Which is it? profound?Maybe.However, it is a question that we must ask ourselves as we embark on the journey to a better body,a better mind and a better life.It's also a question we must ask those around us (especially those we love). I am reminded of a conversation I had with Peter Freeman, who was havingdifficulty convincing a gentleman about the virues of good health.This man ,according to Peter,seemingly has achieved success in all areas of his life.He has a great family ,a good job, makes plenty of money,is in the public eye-the planets appear to be aligned for this guy.But he is kidding himself.Big time.You see,he is failing his body and ,unfortunately ,he is failing himself-including his family.While he is quite satisfied with his body,he doesn't realize the undue medical stresses he has been putting it through.He is shortening his life and his time with his family .He had become comfortable an uncomfortable body.Quite an achievement--However,it is all too commom in today's society.He had chosen to slowly die instesd of live vibranty.

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