Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Water Weight

Water weight is the percentage of body weight made up of water. Water makes up more than 75 percent of your body . Without enough water, your digestive system doesn't work smoothly, and your blood doesn't flow properly. In a typical day, you lose about 10 cups of water from your system through sweating , evaporation, breathing , and waste removal. Food contains some water, but you still need to drink about eight cups of water a day .As you exercise, your rate of water loss goes up, and therefore , so does your body's need for water.

Bone Weight

Bone weight is the percentage of body weight made up of bone. The human body has a complicated skeleton that includes 206 bones 22in the skull and 27 in each hand alone! All together, the skeletal system, which includes flexible cartilage and ligaments, accounts for about 20 percent of body mass . Our bones provide a very stable framework for our muscles and skin, as well as protect our internal organs. However, bones in a living person aren't like the dry, dusty bones you've seen in a museum. They are made up of living tissue that makes blood cells and stores minerals, such as calcium. Bones are light, yet they are five times stronger than steel. We'll talk more about the skeletal system later in this course.

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