Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Fitness and Nutrition Connection

To achieve optimal fitness,a body must follow an effective exercise program, as well as be supplied with adequate nutrition.Good nutrition gives the body the energy it needs to complete a physical workout and repair itself following the workout. Nutritionists who earn four years degrees may prescribe programs to help clients treat various health conditions and diseases. In contrast, a nutritional specialist can expect to provide much more basic information about nutrition as it relates to his or her clients fitness.Let's take a look at the role I play as a personal fitness trainer and nutritional specialist.

Roles of the Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Specialist

As a personal fitness trainer and nutritional specialist, you will serve several roles.First and foremost, you will fill the role of a professional helper in your field much as a lawyer or psychologist is looked to for advice in her field.Roles you also can expect to fill in your new career include teacher, coach, and motivator.

As a teacher you will share your knowledge of fitness and nutrition. You will teach subjects such as how to use equipment correctly, follow a sensible nutrition plan,and exercises to perform to reach clients goals. You will coach clients by helping them to make better dietary choices and improving their form and technique while exercising. As a motivator you will offer your clients encouragement as they work toward their fitness goals.Personal fitness trainers also serve as good listeners by listening to the personal difficulties that may stand in the way of achieving clients fitness goals.However, it is important to note that as a personal fitness trainer you are not a doctor or psychologist. When a client's personal or health problems lie outside a fitness trainer's professional expertise, you should refer him to other qualified health professionals.While a personal fitness trainer can offer a client a variety of services, the ultimate responsibility for achieving fitness lies within the client himself. By encouraging, empowering, and educating, personal fitness trainers increase the likelihood that their clients will succeed in their fitness goals.This, in turn, increases the likelihood that you will achieve your financial goals!As a personal fitness trainer and nutritional specialist, you''ll help your clients get healthy and motivate them to achieve their fitness goals. But to really begin to understand the fitness and nutrition industry, you need to be familiar with several terms. You'll hear these terms throughout this course and your new career.

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