Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets

The restaurant business is booming, and people seem to be eating out more and more.In order to successfully attract customers, restaurants are offering larger portions and more hidden fats and sweeteners than ever before. Hidden fats are fats in foods where you would not expect them. Many restaurants use a lot of fat or sweeteners to make their food taste good and keep their customers coming back.It is important for athletes who are closely monitoring their calorie intake to ask the server about how foods are prepared and to find out what types and how much fat and sweetener are being used. Full dinners don't often fit with the way a top athlete should eat. Athletes shouldn't be afraid to order menu items separately.For example, the grilled Salmon may come with mashed potatoes, gravy, and broccoli in cheese sauce.To make this meal conform To the needs of an athlete, the athlete should ask for a baked potato or rice and steamed broccoli or carrots without sauce.When eating out, athlete can look for these high fat buzz words when ordering fried,pan fried, crispy,buttery, butter sauce, creamed, creamy, gravy, Au gratin, cheese sauce, scampi, breaded,meat sauce, sauteed, Alfredo sauce.In addition, follow the guidelines in the table 21.1 on how to make food choices at restaurant that will fuel the body for top performance.

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