Saturday, March 24, 2012

Updating The Prescrition

The rate at which a client progresses through a fitness program will depend on several factors such as age, fitness level,health status, motivation level,and equipment access.There are three stages that personal fitness trainers use to describe a client's fitness progression.

Initial Conditioning Stage

The first four to six weeks of an exercise program are the initial conditioning stage. It is best to have clients in this stage exercise at a relatively low intensity to help them avoid the muscle soreness, discomfort, and discouragement that may accompany intense physical exercise.As a client progresses through this stage, the frequency, intensity, and duration of workouts can be increased gradually.

Improvement Conditioning Stage

After the initial conditioning stage, a client moves into the improvement conditioning stage, during which the client makes the majority of his fitness progress.This stage generally lasts fore between eight and 20 weeks and includes a gradual increase in the client's workout intensity, frequency,and duration.Fitness level will progress quickly during this stage, and the personal fitness trainer should retest the client's abilities every three months to review this progress and check goal attainment.

Maintenance Conditioning Stage

When the client has reached her desired level of fitness,she enters the maintenance conditioning stage.This stage usually is reached five to six months after the exercise program begin, but it can be delayed depending on the client's initial fitness level and specific goal.Once a client enters the maintenance stage of her exercise program, the focus is on making fitness a lifetime commitment.

Wow! You've certainly learned a lot i this lesson.You're almost ready to develop exercise prescriptions for your clients.But before you complete the final practicum and this course let's do a quick review with the following Practice Exercise.

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