Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Older Adult

As the baby boomers age, being young get older all the time. Now more than ever, aging adults not only pursue recreational activities, such as gardening and golf, but also participate in highly competitive sporting events, including triathlons and weightlifting.

Exercise is the best way to prevent many of the degeneration problems that occur naturally with age.You already know that, as we age, muscle strength decreases and aging bones are more fragile because they have less bone mineral content and are more porous.

Resistance training programs increase muscle strength,muscle mass, bone mineral density, and general abilities such as mobility. Through exercise, older adults can improve exercise performance, decrease their likelihood of injury, and improve their well being .A low intensity strength training program produces modest improvements in strength, a slightly more ambitious training program can produce strength increases in adults that are the same as or greater than you'd see in a younger adult.

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