Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Women do one thing that men can't, no matter how hard they may try .Women give birth.Currently it is believed that a well designed exercise program benefits the mother greatly and poses on risk for the baby.In general,exercise may make labor and delivery easier if for no other reasons then a woman who exercises is more familiar with her body, has experienced sweaty discomfort before, and delivery faster, as well.
The changes a woman's body undergoes during the stages of pregnancy include.
First trimester drop in energy levels, increased progesterone in relation to estrogen levels, and acute nausea Second trimester uterine activity, weight gain, decrease in blood pressure, increase in blood volume Third trimester profound weight gain, increase in spinal curve, joint discomfort Pregnant women should not perform exercises that require them to lie on their stomachs after the fourth month. Women in their third trimester may find some forms of exercise logistically difficult to perform.

Here are some basic guidelines to use while working with pregnant women.
Exercising regularly is better than exercising once in awhile.But listen to your body.If you're not feeling well on certain days, don't push yourself.

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