Friday, May 11, 2012

Identify The Problem

In this part of the problem resolution process,you are trying to determine whether the problem is actually an ethical problem. A good guideline is to determine how you feel about the situation if you're uncomfortable, chances are good that the situation is an ethical conflict.

Our sample situation clearly is an ethical problem it's full of issues of confidentiality, your professional future, and dual relationships.At this point, you can write down what you see as the problem. I'm worried about Carla, about losing Topher as a client, and about their relationship.

Because you have so many conflicting roles, it will be helpful to determine what parts of the problem are your issues to deal with, and what issue belong to Topher and Carla. To do that, you may need to gather more information. At the very least, you need to look more closely at all the information you already have .

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