Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Working Toward Goals

Once SMART goals are set, a personal fitness trainer plays numerous role to increase the chances of a client attaining the goals. We talked about some of these roles in a previous lesson. First, a personal fitness trainer plays the of teacher, educating clients on safety measures to take while exercising.

A second role of the personal fitness trainer is to coach clients in a variety of workouts to reduce boredom. Personal fitness trainers know that there are numerous ways to work any given muscle group, and they use a variety of workouts to help their clients attain their fitness goals.Finding ways that a client can use his new strength or stamina in everyday life contributes to the likelihood that he will commit to a new lifestyle. Keeping a client's diet varied and interesting also can make a big difference. Just as the body changes during physical workout, the fuel the body needs changes as well.

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