Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Serratus Anterior Muscle

The serratus anterior muscle's name comes from the fact that its fibers are serrated or notched. The Latin word serratus means a notching.This muscle lies in the lateral regions of the ribcage, with most of its bibers deep to the scapula, the lats, and the pec major. The serratus anterior attaches to both the ribs and the scapula, originating on the surfaces of the upper eight or nine ribs and inserting underneath the scapula on the medial border of its anterior surface. The action of the serratus anterior is primarily upward rotation of the scapula, although it is also involved in protraction and depression of the scapula. You can see the location of the serratus anterior muscle and its attachments to the ribs and scapula.

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